Dairy division

Moravia Lacto, JSC

The dairy's history dates back to 1928, when the German dairy "Zentralmolkerei für Iglau und Umbgebung, G.M.B.H." began production. Members of the cooperative were solely of German nationality.

Dairy Olešnice, farmer dairy cooperation

Several enterprises operate using the Olešnice Dairy brand, all of which rank among the most important on the Czech market. The Olešnice Dairy produces, sells, imports and exports dairy products.

Bohemilk, JSC

The history of the Opočno dairy dates back to 1936. It was built in the heart of eastern Bohemia, referred to today as the Hradec Králové Region. The dairy processes the best quality milk from the foothills of the Eagle Mountains, one of the least polluted areas.

Lacto Morava, JSC

sale of dairy products

Moravia Znojmo

 Moravia Znojmo is a wholesale company that was founded in 1998 as a subsidiary of the Jihlava dairy Moravia Lacto a.s.

Baby food

Deva Nutrition

Deva Nutrition has been providing the highest quality products to the private label market for over 70 years, with a major focus on private label baby food.

Pharmaceutical division


Nutrego’s product portfolio comprises high quality clinical nutrition products with precisely defined ingredients that help with a variety of medical conditions and illnesses.


ARDEAPHARMA a producer of pharmaceutical products with a rich history. The company has operated on the market since 1996. It was created by way of a division of the original large-scale supplier joint-stock company into two independent entities.

Agricultural division

ZZN Jihlava a.s.

ZZN Jihlava a.s. offers all breeders and fatteners of livestock the supply of feed mixtures and supplementary mineral feed for selected species and categories of animals.

Lacto energo

Batelov Owners Association

Agricultural production, including the processing of agricultural products and their sale

ZD Dolní Cerekev

Agricultural Cooperative Dolni Cerekev focuses on farming on land rented from its members and other persons and on cooperative land.

ZS Zhoř

IMA-SPOL, s.r.o. is a wholesale company that was founded in 1998 as a subsidiary of the Jihlava dairy Moravia Lacto a.s.

ZEOS Kamenice

Zeos Kamenice, s.r.o. is a subsidiary of ZZN Jihlava a.s.